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You do not actually need to leave the Camella Bohol community if you just want to have a bit of rest and relaxation. You can actually find plenty of amenities within the vicinity that you will find enjoyable. If you have kids, then rest assured that there are several playgrounds and basketball courts where they can safely play and get some much needed exercise at the same time. You can also find a lot of jogging paths in case you want to take a quick run or jog to get your blood pumping.

If those amenities are not enough, Camella Bohol can provide you with a large community swimming pool that is open to use for all the homeowners. You can use the pool whenever you want. You can visit there to take a dip and cool yourself off during those particularly hot and humid days, or when you want to swim a couple of laps.

Security is one of the main concerns of most homeowners, and Camella Bohol made sure that those in the community will always feel safe within its walls. There are trained security guards posted in all of the access gates, thereby preventing intruders from entering. In addition, you can find roving guards who make sure everything within Camella Bohol are safe and sound. The property is also installed with CCTV cameras that work efficiently in monitoring all of the gates and entryways. You will also notice that a couple of them were installed in strategic locations within Camella Bohol.

However, the thing that makes Camella Bohol special is the Community Center, which is located right in the heart of the village. The Community Center is both a clubhouse that homeowners can use for their personal events and gatherings. It also serves as a mini-commercial district. Within the Community Center is a complete grocery store, a pharmacy, a bakeshop, a café, and other services that the homeowners will ever need.

The Community Center is like the hub within the compound where you and your neighbors can congregate and get to know each other better, thus building a stronger sense of community.

Homeowners can actually find everything that they possibly need within the gates of the Camella Bohol. What’s more? They can actually stay inside the community for most of the week and just go out whenever they want a change of scenery.

One more thing that makes investing in a Camella Bohol property a wise move is that it allows you to be literally close to everything that you will ever need. You can find plenty of schools, hospitals, recreational centers, and other establishments that make modern living possible. Because the community is within the city limits, you also have access to every kind of public transportation available. You can find whatever you need within just a few minutes of exiting the front gate.

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