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Camella Bohol is located at Brgy. Bool, Tagbilaran City, Bohol.

As mentioned earlier, the Camella Bohol is situated within Bohol’s capital city of Tagbilaran, which means you will be within a stone’s throw of all the public and private amenities that this beautiful city can offer. If you choose to live within the Camella community, you will have access to everything that you will ever need.

First, you can find plenty of top-class educational institutions within 15 minutes of Camella Bohol. There are top colleges like the University of Bohol, the Bohol Institute of Technology, and Holy Name University. There are also quite a lot of private and public elementary and high schools if you have young children.

Furthermore, you will find plenty of hospitals and medical facilities just minutes away from the main gate of the community. There’s the Holy Name University Medical Center, which is just 12 minutes away, and the Tagbilaran City Community Hospital, the Governor Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital, and the Coop Hospital – all of which are actually nearer at just within ten minutes.

The community is also near public transportation hubs. You can easily gain access to 24-hour public transportation (tricycles, buses, and jeeps), as well as bus depots and jeepney terminals that are close to the property. You also have convenient access to the Tagbilaran Domestic Airport and the Tagbilaran Fastcraft seaport, as they are just twenty and fifteen minutes away, respectively.

You are basically within the central hub of transportation of the entire province of Bohol. If you make your home within Camella Bohol, you will always be within reach of any and all forms of transportation that you will ever need.

Since Camella Bohol is right in the middle of Tagbilaran City, you will always be within reach of banks, supermarkets, and other essential commercial establishments. However, aside from the essentials, Camella Bohol is also located near many entertainment and commercial establishments. If you want to do some shopping, you can visit the nearby Bohol Quality Mall and the Alturas Mall.

For fresh seafood caught daily, you only need to travel a couple of minutes and you will reach the Causeway Seafood Market where you will find all imaginable kinds of fish and other seafood. If you want to do something more leisurely, you can take a stroll through Plaza Rizal Park, and then cross the road towards the National Museum.

If you feel like going out and enjoying the exciting nightlife of Tagbilaran, you can choose from dozens of different restaurants, bars, and cafes that dot the entirety of the city. Whatever kind of cuisine you are looking for, you will certainly find it within minutes of the Camella Bohol community. You will certainly not have a dull moment when you live here.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a quiet place to drink your coffee, read a book, or maybe catch up on writing your latest novella, you can find literally dozens of quaint cafes and bistros all throughout the city.

There are also quite a few churches and other places of worship near the community. Right outside the main gate is the St. Joseph the Worker Cathedral and next to it is the Archbishop’s Residence, and just a couple more minutes within the city, you will find several other churches and chapels.

If you want to go to the historical Baclayon Church, it will only be a quick 30-minute drive from Camella Bohol. If you are not of the Roman Catholic religion, you can find other places of worship (depending on your religious affiliation) within 15 minutes upon exiting the main gate of the compound.

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